Welcome to my personal webpage!

This site shares information about me, what I do, the books I have authored, newspaper column that I write, and some of the philanthropy that I have been doing...

About me:

I am currently serving as Ambassador, Director General for Foreign Policy, Analysis and Coordination (aka Policy Planning) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.


This is a unit that reports directly to the Deputy Minister and has duties of analysis, planning, speech writing, and coordination in all aspects of Turkey's foreign policy. My unit also coordinates Turkey's mediation efforts at the United Nations, OSCE and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

I have taken up this post after over five and a half years of service as Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of India; accredited simultaneously to Nepal and Maldives.

I thrive in developing strategies, planning policies and managing complex operations as well as exploring innovative solutions. Representing, negotiating, mediating and arbitrating have also been my fortes. I feel confident in leading and/or working with teams and in multinational environments but also alone.

Issues of politics and security have always enjoyed particular place among my interests. However, in my previous job in New Delhi I developed an understanding for regional and global business including business strategy and business development.

I am fluent in Turkish and English and read German and French. I am computer literate.

My rank in academia is Associate Professor Dr of International Relations. I have published 3 books. The latest was released in December 2014 by the Oxford University Press. More are on the way...

My Doctorate is in International Law; received it with Magna cum Laude.

For my professional achievements I have been awarded NATO Secretary General's Award for Excellence. I have also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate and an International Achievement Award in India.

I wrote a monthly column called Theory and Practice in The New Indian Express and Sunday Standard and sat on the Non-Executive Directors Board of the Global Thinkers Forum and Women Economic Forum 2017.