Scholar & Author

I am a daytime diplomat and civil servant but a nighttime academic. I have authored three academic books and several book chapters and articles... Links to my books are below.

People's Mission to the Ottoman Empire

Oxford University Press, 2014

Turkey's New European Era

Rowman and Littlefield, 2006

The International Law of

Conventional Arms Control in Europe

Nomos 1996

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Researching and writing People's Mission was a delightful experience. I have launched the book with a lecture at St. Anthony's, Oxford. Here is the link to its podcast: 

I took pride in having been invited to deliver the 2016 Annual Azad Memorial Lecture at the Indian Council for Historical Research. The Lecture was entitled "Connected Histories of Humanitarianisms"

Having taken stage as author at the Jaipur Literary Festival was also something to remember.